Hdshare.tv is your ultimate destination for quickly, easily, and high-quality downloading of Instagram content. At Hdshare.tv, you can save all your favorite moments, whether they are photos, videos, IGTV, stories, or reels. Our mission is to provide a reliable and user-friendly platform where you can easily save Instagram content.

Our Story

Originally, this website was a video-sharing platform founded in July 2008 by three Swiss students. HD Share previously allowed users to upload, view, and share videos using Flash Video technology. The site was known for being a pioneer in exclusively hosting high-quality videos.

However, the website was acquired by a web development company named United Social Networks LLC in 2011. The headquarters moved to Wilmington, Delaware, US. The website ceased operations shortly after.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HD_share

Since February 2023, HdShare has been restored by Tony Quan, an outstanding programmer from the Indian Institute of Technology. He aimed to share a free tool for downloading Instagram images and videos. Since then, the website has developed its interface and features into what it is today.

Main Tools on Hdshare.tv

Hdshare.tv offers a range of powerful features designed to meet the needs of all Instagram users, including:

  1. Download IG Photos: HDShare.tv allows you to download photos from Instagram in high quality with just a few simple steps. You can easily download all photos from posts to profile pictures.
  2. Download Videos: With HDShare.tv, downloading videos from Instagram is easier than ever. You can save your favorite videos to watch offline without needing to register an account.

  3. Download Reels: Reels is a popular feature with short videos, and HDShare.tv helps you quickly and high-quality save these interesting moments.

  4. Download Stories: No need to worry about stories disappearing after 24 hours. HDShare.tv lets you easily download stories from Instagram and keep those memorable moments.

  5. Download IGTV: HDShare.tv supports downloading long videos from IGTV. You can save your favorite IGTV videos to watch anytime you want.

  6. Anonymous Story Viewer: You can view any story without leaving a trace. This is the perfect way to follow content you are interested in without worrying about privacy.

How to Download Instagram Content on Hdshare.tv

Downloading content from Instagram using Hdshare.tv is very simple. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you get started:

Step 1: Copy the Instagram Link

First, go to Instagram and find the photo, video, story, or reel you want to download. Click on the three dots (•••) in the top right corner of the post, then select "Copy Link."

Step 2: Paste the Link into Hdshare.tv

Next, go to Hdshare.tv. Select the desired feature and paste the copied link into the input box in the center of our homepage. This box is prominently displayed to ensure you can't miss it.

Step 3: Click 'Download'

After pasting the link, click the 'Download' button next to the box. Our system will process the link and prepare your content for download.

Step 4: Save Your Content

Once processed, a download link will appear. Click on it to save the photo, video, story, or reel to your device. Enjoy your content offline anytime you want.

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